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Katherine Hayles Information Bruce Clarke New Media Mark B. Hansen Technology John Johnston Society Exchange David Graeber Language Cary Wolfe Law Peter Goodrich Mass Media John Durham Peters Networks Alexander R. Galloway Systems David Wellbery The section closes with a brief take on the film adaptation. The discussion of Thousand Autumns stands out for its closely knit textual readings that bring to the fore the scientific layers of cross-cultural exchange, the cosmopolitan islands within rather restrictive imperialist social spheres, and the playful engagements with a wide range of genres that Mitchell invites his readers to enjoy.

While geographically this novel is far more focussed than the rest of the oeuvre, cultural richness enters this narrative through the omnipresent need for translation and other forms of cultural migration, an aspect that this chapter discusses very solidly.

Critical Terms for Media Studies

The chapter also picks up on a theme introduced earlier, namely that Mitchell sees in narrative a crucial strategy for re-shaping memories and, through this, the past. But here, too, one would have wished for a more substantial engagement with more specific scholarly discourses, for instance from within narrative theory or by authors like Walter Ong. It is an impressive achievement.

Unfortunately, impressive is usually all that it is.

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  8. The second is about a young British composer in , who cons a dying genius into taking him on as an amanuensis, and then makes love to his wife and daughter. This narrator, Robert Frobisher, composes the Cloud Atlas Sextet "for overlapping soloists" on piano, clarinet, cello, flute, oboe and violin, "each in its own language of key, scale and colour". This Californian thriller is the tale of Luisa Rey, a journalist who uncovers a corporate nuclear scandal and is at constant risk of assassination.

    The fourth voice is Timothy Cavendish, a s London vanity publisher, trapped in an old people's home near Hull. The sixth, and central one, is the storytelling voice of Zachry, a tribesman after the fall of the civilised world, who is back in the Pacific islands where the linear narrative began.

    But what saves his books from being just brilliant formal experiments is the heart with which he writes, the humour, and the absolute conviction with which he draws his characters. He will spend ages writing biographies for all his narrators, working out the speech patterns and the childhood traumas, before he even starts on the ghost of a story.

    An Interview with Orrin N. C. Wang | Romantic Circles

    Greer, ReviewsOfBooks. If you appreciate literary fiction, then this is a novel you should read at least once. Maybe more. It will challenge you, intimidate you, frustrate you, and dare you to think about the important questions it raises.