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Here, the lyrics, via Genius , with references to Swift's life explained. Swift could be referring to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn here.

Aimee Song Journey Collection — ME to WE

Swift's Reputation song "Gorgeous" was believed to be about Alwyn and his arresting good looks. The trouble Swift is talking about here is likely her fame and the scrutiny she gets as being someone in the public eye. Swift has talked before about how this makes it harder to date her. Back in a Telegraph interview , she mused that she'd be single at No one's going to sign up for this and everything that goes with it. Do you love camera flashes? I hope you do!

Taylor Swift’s ‘ME!’: What the Hell Is Going on Here?

The real message might just be that catchiness is an end in itself. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Taylor Swift Productions. Spencer Kornhaber is a staff writer at The Atlantic, where he covers pop culture and music.

Song of Myself (1892 version)

Twitter Email. Her new third cat.

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  2. Taylor Swift’s new song ‘Me!’ is nowhere near as smart as she is - Los Angeles Times.
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  6. Who is Taylor Swift's "ME!" About? Her New Song's Meaning Is Deeper Than You Think.

Keep in mind: The first song Swift debuts is always an outlier. She prefers to throw people off the scent.

Marc Anthony - You Sang To Me (Video)

She just does. But arguably it did the job too well—it created a false narrative for Reputation that was hard for people to shake, even after they heard what was pretty damn explicitly an album of love songs. But did he throw pebbles at her window?

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  • Her obvious role model for lead-single-izing: Thriller. Strange as it seems now, when Michael Jackson was preparing to drop Thriller on the world in , the first song he released was….

    The Playlist: Taylor Swift Wants to Start Over, and 7 More New Songs

    She posted a photo yesterday sporting a giant rose, under 22 stars. The video opens with the Reputation snakes turning into butterflies. Nobody enjoys a strategically elaborate album reveal like our girl — no pop star in history has ever made it such an integral part of her artistic evolution.