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And with his family, friends, and the people of the North pushing back against Daenerys, he could be persuaded to take a stand against her as well.

Of course, he's also honorable to a fault, and this will likely be the biggest obstacle when it comes to Jon potentially turning his back not only on his queen, but his lover — and his future wife if Davos Liam Cunningham gets his way. However, this episode may have also planted the seed for how Jon could justify betraying Daenerys. Upon learning that Ned, "the most honorable man" he's ever met, lied to him his entire life, Sam explained that Ned only lied to Jon because he was staying true to his word to Lyanna and keeping Jon safe by whatever means necessary. If Jon truly thought Daenerys being queen wasn't the best way for his people and all of humanity to survive, he could look at Ned's betrayal as proof that sometimes you have to hurt someone you care about for the greater good.

And then there are the prophecies to consider. Jon has been theorized to be the subject of several prophecies, both in the books and in the series, but right now let's focus on one of Melisandre's Carice van Houten cryptic predictions from Season 2. After Stannis Stephen Dillane lost at the Battle of Blackwater, he confronted the Red Priestess about her false promise that he would be victorious and become king.

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She explained that she still sees him winning before elaborating on what she knew from the glimpses of the future R'hllor shared with her. It will last for years. Thousands will die at your command," Melisandre said. You will betray your family, and you will betray everything you once held dear, and it will all be worth it because you are the son of fire.

You are the warrior of blood. You will sweep aside this pretender and that one. You will be king. Since Stannis is obviously dead, it seems as though her visions were of a different future king — potentially Jon Snow.

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Jon betrayed the men serving him in the Night's Watch at least in their minds, he did , he betrayed his family by bending the knee to Daenerys and most Northerners see this as Jon betraying his men as well , and since we have it confirmed that Jon is the true heir to the Iron Throne, that technically places Dany in the pretender pile. Add this all up, and it doesn't bode well for Jon's continued loyalty to his Dragon Queen. There is also the prophecy Daenerys received at The House of the Undying that said she is going to be betrayed three times: for blood as Mirri Maz Duur did , for gold as Jorah Mormont did , and lastly for love, which hasn't yet occurred.

While many predict the third betrayal will be by Tyrion Peter Dinklage — who will possibly betray Daenerys to protect Cersei's Lena Headey unborn child and whose potential jealousy over her relationship with Jon Snow could sow bad blood between him and his queen — the most obvious option once again is that this prophecy is about Jon. If Jon does wind up turning against Daenerys, it would not be for personal gain but for his love of his family and his people, making him an easy subject of this ominous prophecy. Of course, there is probably nothing worse for humanity right now than if Daenerys and Jon turned on each other and couldn't find a way to unite all their people against the Night King.

Game of Thrones has always played with the cyclical nature of history and explored what happens when people allow it to repeat itself or try to forge a new path, and so it makes sense to look to the past to anticipate what Jon's potential betrayal of Dany might mean for their future.

Martin has explored in the books, a long time ago there was a Targaryen civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons. This battle between Aegon II and his half-sister Rhaenyra over who would take the Iron Throne not only saw the deaths of both aspiring monarchs but also decimated the Seven Kingdoms and kick-started a bleak era known as the False Dawn, a period that also coincided with the beginning of a long winter.

If Jon and Daenerys waste any time fighting each other instead of the Night King, we could see history repeating itself all over again, only this time humanity may not get another shot to right their wrongs.

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But there has to be a reason that Bran told Sam to share the truth with Jon in this episode. As his brusque attitude upon Jon and Dany's arrival at Winterfell made clear, Bran's only concern right now is defeating the Night King — not politics or playing nice with his family.

And so if Bran believed that Jon knowing he's Aegon Targaryen is what's best for the realm, that likely means Bran wanted him to act on it. Otherwise, Bran would have instructed Sam to keep this all a secret. And that, maybe more than anything else, makes us believe that Daenerys should start bracing herself for that final betrayal.

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George R. Popular Shows 1. The cinematography was absolutely out of this world and worth the price of admission alone, as you can see from the stills that populate this article. It was joined by another fantastic score from composer Ramin Djawadi, who has been on fire throughout all of Game of Thrones even when the show itself falters. While The Bells is not my least favorite episodes ever, what it did do wrong is massive enough to make many fans, myself included, furious.

And I think what unfolded onscreen last night was a total betrayal of not one, but two major characters, Daenerys Targaryen and Jaime Lannister.

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Spoilers follow. My main problem here is not necessarily that this happened, but how this happened, and it feels like the complete destruction of her character arc in the worst way possible. I get it, this was always possible. And yet the entire point of the series has been about Daenerys attempting to overcome the painful, horrible history of her family and become something better.

I had shared my entire adolescence with these guys.

Yes, the people citing that she has burned people alive previously and seemed a bit rage-tinged are correct. She killed Khals who wanted her dead and were raping and pillaging all the communities they could, Masters who wanted her dead and were enslaving thousands of people. They were still soldiers. This was…something else entirely, and did not feel like a logical next step, especially given how it was set up. This was not a last resort for Dany. I could see some sort of plotline where the battle was not going her way, and the only way to win and take out Cersei was to cut a path to the castle with fire, burning up Lannister soldiers and civillians alike.

Acceptable losses, in her mind, perhaps, but ones that might still make her split with Jon and Tyrion and everyone else. Dany remembered how dragons work and pretty much singlehandedly won the battle herself, destroying the entire iron fleet and all the wall defenses and half the Golden Company.

Hence, the bells.