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However, the collaborative work among teachers that goes into creating that lesson plan is largely under-appreciated by non-Japanese adopters of Lesson Study, possibly because the effort involved is invisible to outsiders, with our attention going to its most visible…. Evaluating Eyewitness Reports [ Lesson Plan ]. This lesson offers students experience in making historical meaning from eyewitness accounts that present a range of different perspectives. Students begin with a case study in working with alternative reports of a single event: the Great Chicago Fire of First, they compare two newspaper reports on the fire, then two memoirs of the fire….

Charismatic Leaders: A Lesson Plan. Focusing upon Franklin D. Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler, these lessons for high school students in U. In Old Pompeii. In this Web-based interdisciplinary lesson involving social studies, geography, history, and language arts students take a virtual field trip to the ruins of Pompeii to learn about everyday life in Roman times, then create a travelogue to attract visitors to the site and write an account of their field trip modeled on a description of Pompeii….

Lesson Plans in Urban Economics. Traces history of urbanization and problems created by growth of cities. Focuses on the sociopolitical-economic challenges of the s. Includes format for three lessons with a case study project and…. This science teacher's manual contains nine sample population education lessons adapted from materials produced in several countries in Asia and Oceania. Activities are designed for lower primary through high school students.

Included are class discussions, small group activities, and a role-playing situation. Food chains, human dependence upon…. This booklet contains sample lessons and learning materials from the countries of Asia and Oceania for teaching population education in geography courses. The booklet is one of a series of six, each of which brings out population education concepts as part of a particular subject area.

The subject areas treated in the other booklets are home…. The Next Generation Science Standards NRC, positions teachers as responsible for necessary decision making about how their intended science lesson plan content supports continuous student science learning. Teachers interact with their instructional lesson plans in dynamic and constructive ways. Adapting lesson plans is complex. This process…. Sexual Plant Reproduction. These lesson plans are intended for use in conducting classes on sexual plant reproduction. The following topics are among those discussed: sexual and asexual plant….

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Intended for teachers, this book is a collection of lesson plans created by 28 teachers in North Carolina to provide opportunities that support integrated learning. Using recommended young adult literature, the book presents activities which promote the integration of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and viewing. The book provides two or…. The American Revolution: Causes. Based on an 18th century poem actually, a song originally about the Boston Tea Party, this lesson plan presents activities designed to help students understand that taxation of the American colonists by the British led to the American Revolution; all eras have protest poetry or songs; and students can perform and analyze old literature.

The Power of Fiction. Based on Upton Sinclair's novel "The Jungle," this lesson plan presents activities in which students make a list of books that convey strong social messages, discuss the literary strengths and weaknesses of these books, and understand how literature reflects life and can be used as a vehicle to bring about change. It includes objectives,…. Classrooms are complex systems, with dynamic interactions of different kinds among their composing varied elements. Such complex interactions lead to the system's unpredictable emergent learning behaviors.

To support teachers' lesson planning and monitoring in the complex environment of classrooms, the present article examines the core…. The Cuban Missile Crisis. Presents a secondary lesson plan based on primary sources recently released by the Central Intelligence Agency on the Cuban Missile Crisis. Provides a background essay on the event. Includes five maps and three documents, all of which have been declassified from top secret or secret status. Exploring Cultural Rituals.

Learning Page Lesson Plan.

Buffalo Woman, Death of the Iron Horse, Her Seven Brothers, and Star Boy Lesson Plan

This two-week lesson plan exploring cultural rituals guides students to: improve their oral and written communication skills; write correct bibliographic citations for primary sources; and gain tolerance and acceptance of all cultures through the exploration and analysis of holiday and stages of life rituals.

Aimed at students in grades 6 through…. Based on Gustave Flaubert's novel "Madame Bovary," this lesson plan presents activities designed to help students explore the theme of "illusion versus reality" in the novel; identify and list alternate themes in the novel; and cite specific examples of illusion versus reality from the novel.

It includes objectives, materials, procedures,…. Twain's "Hannibal. Writers are influenced by their environment including family, community, lifestyle, or location. One such writer was Mark Twain. With this lesson plan the learner will become familiar with and analyze life around Mark Twain's hometown, Hannibal, Missouri, during the latter half of the 19th century by using various online and print resources to….

Modern Lesson Plans in Environmental Science. This sourcebook, developed for teachers of ecology, biology, general science and hygiene, contains 27 lesson plans that have been organized into 5 units. The lesson…. Most Effective Practices in Lesson Planning. In a previous study with undergraduate teacher candidates from all licensure levels, data on candidate effectiveness were examined using factor analysis. Four factors were found in effective teaching, those being lesson planning , teacher and student reflection, safe school environment, and teacher professionalism.

The present study followed…. This lesson plan is intended for use in conducting classes on the effect of pH on plant growth. The following topics are among those discussed: acidity and alkalinity; the…. Outdoor lesson plan aims to stimulate student interest in animals' adaptations to winter and the various signs and clues to animal behavior. Includes questions for class discussion, tips for guiding the hike, and instructions for two games that illustrate the predator-prey relationship. Notes curriculum connections to the East York Ontario Board….

Today with teacher cutbacks looming, and more integration units, general teachers might be required to teach the visual arts. Therefore, teachers need a clear definition of the discipline of art and personal exposure to aesthetic experiences. Many references are made to classic art education research. When lesson plan formats are generic it….

Planning products and procedures that allow the mission flight control teams and the astronaut crews to plan , train and fly every Space Shuttle mission have been developed by the Flight Planning Branch at the NASA Johnson Space Center. As the Space Shuttle Program ends, lessons learned have been collected from each phase of the successful execution of these Shuttle missions. Specific examples of how roles and responsibilities of console positions that develop the crew and vehicle attitude timelines will be discussed, as well as techniques and methods used to solve complex spacecraft and instrument orientation problems.

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Additionally, the relationships and procedural hurdles experienced through international collaboration have molded operations. These facets will be explored and related to current and future operations with the International Space Station and future vehicles. Along with these important aspects, the evolution of technology and continual improvement of data transfer tools between the shuttle and ground team has also defined specific lessons used in the improving the control teams effectiveness.

Methodologies to communicate and transmit messages, images, and files from Mission Control to the Orbiter evolved over several years. These lessons have been vital in shaping the effectiveness of safe and successful mission planning that have been applied to current mission planning work in addition to being incorporated into future space flight planning. The critical lessons from all aspects of previous plan , train, and fly phases of shuttle flight missions are not only documented in this paper, but are also discussed as how they pertain to changes in process and consideration for future space flight planning.

This manual contains a group of lesson plans designed for use with a slide series not included here. Its purpose is to introduce students to the basic concepts and terminology used in the identification of deciduous trees and shrubs. The manual is composed of 12 lesson plans. The first lesson is an introduction to plant identification. The Lesson Plan of the Month, As part of a series of lesson plans compiled by Phi Alpha Delta, this collection presents a lesson plan on current issues for each month of the school year.

Intended for high school and middle school with adaptations for elementary school, the lessons cover the Americans with Disabilities Act in relation to accommodations for students with…. The Lesson Plan of the Month. Series 3. Intended for high school and middle school with adaptations for elementary school, the….

Values education holds a significant place in an education environment and many studies are carried out about this new subject area. The aim of this study is to define how the subject of "values education" is handled in a sample lesson designed in the period of Constitution II in the Ottoman Empire. In this study, the lesson plan in the…. The author describes how the Understanding by Design backwards planning lesson plan format was used by his preservice K students to develop service-learning lesson plans.

Preservice teachers in a multicultural education course were given an assignment to develop service-learning lesson plans using the Understanding by Design planning process. In this article, the author reflects on the support that novice teachers may need when preparing lesson plans. Showing that support makes a difference, three groups of teachers one with access to lessons plans along with assistance from an online learning community; one with model plans but just online access; and one writing their own lesson….

Disaster planning and emergency preparedness: lessons learned. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, , the federal response plan was activated immediately, with most efforts focused on helping recovery workers at Ground Zero in New York City. Comprehensive pharmacy services were critical in protecting the health of those potentially exposed to anthrax at U.

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Postal Service facilities and the U. Responding to anthrax attacks taught many valuable lessons to emergency workers on how to manage a bioterrorist attack. Because of its central place in the life of many American communities, pharmacy is a natural and important ally of public health. New law requires 'medically accurate' lesson plans. The California Legislature has passed a bill requiring all textbooks and materials used to teach about AIDS be medically accurate and objective. Statements made within the curriculum must be supported by research conducted in compliance with scientific methods, and published in peer-reviewed journals.

Some of the current lesson plans were found to contain scientifically unsupported and biased information. In addition, the bill requires material to be "free of racial, ethnic, or gender biases. Appendix F - Sample Contingency Plan. The addition of the data driven, rule based planning system, RALPH, has expanded the planning horizon from 8 weeks to 10 years and has resulted in large labor savings. Use of the system has also resulted in important improvements in science return through enhanced resource utilization.

In addition, RALPH has been instrumental in supporting rapid turn around for an increased volume of special what if studies. The status of RALPH is briefly reviewed and important lessons learned from the creation of an highly functional design team are focused on through an evolutionary design and implementation period in which an AI shell was selected, prototyped, and ultimately abandoned, and through the fundamental changes to the very process that spawned the tool kit.

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  6. Principal topics include proper integration of software tools within the planning environment, transition from prototype to delivered to delivered software, changes in the planning methodology as a result of evolving software capabilities and creation of the ability to develop and process generic requirements to allow planning flexibility.

    This packet contains economics lesson plans and activities for the high school student. Detailed lesson plans and worksheets address the following concepts: 1 stock market; 2 economics of water; 3 diaper economics; 4 quality; 5 scarcity; 6 steps to success; 7 effective marketing; 8 careers and success; 9 interviewing tips and…. This lesson plan features a classroom simulation that helps students understand the characteristics of a market economic system. The lesson plan states a purpose; cites student objectives; suggests a time duration; lists materials needed; and details a step-by-step teaching procedure.

    The "Paper Airplane Challenge" handout is attached. This document contains lesson plans spanning kindergarten through 8th grade, that are written to connect next-generation science standards USA to the Village Green Project and related air quality topics. This document contains a series of classroom lesson plans to support connections between the Village Green Project and the USA National Science Standards at various education levels.

    A lesson plan is an important methodological component of the learning process. The key purpose of the article is to analyse the current situation and suggest how the information technologies can assist in the development of lesson plans , their accumulation and retrieval, thus ensuring their effective application. The authors disclose the problems…. Argentina seems to favour CLIL content and language integrated learning as a language-driven approach in secondary and higher education. In this paper, I investigate curriculum development and lesson planning based on trainees' perceptions and lesson plans submitted to pass a module on Didactics as part of their formal initial English language….

    XML technology planning database : lessons learned. The database contains mission requirements and technology capabilities, which are related by use of an XML dictionary. The XML dictionary codifies a standardized taxonomy for space missions, systems, subsystems and technologies. In addition to being used for ROI analysis, the database is being examined for use in project planning , tracking and documentation. During the past year, the database has moved from development into alpha testing. This paper describes the lessons learned during construction and testing of the prototype database and the motivation for moving from an XML taxonomy to a standard XML-based ontology.

    Development of short Indonesian lesson plan to improve teacher performance. The developmental research was motivated by the results of preliminary study through interviews, which revealed almost all of the teachers did not create lesson plan themselves. As a result of this load, the performance of the real learning in the classroom becomes inadequate. Moreover, when lesson plan was not made by teachers themselves, the learning process becomes ineffective.

    Therefore, this study designed to develop a prototype of the short lesson plan , in particular, Indonesian language teaching, and to investigate its effectiveness. Questionnaires and open-ended questions were used, and the quantitative and qualitative data obtained were analyzed accordingly. The analysis of the quantitative data, aided with SPSS, were frequency, percentage, and means, whereas the qualitative data were analyzed descriptively. The results showed that the teachers liked the model, and they were willing to design their own lesson plan.

    The observation data revealed that the classroom learning process became more interactive, and classroom atmosphere was more engaging and natural because the teachers did not stick to the lesson plan made by other teachers. Clans of the Iroquois. Lesson Plans and Activities. This collection of lessons intended for use with elementary school children contains material that is descriptive of the Mohawk People, a group of the Iroquois Nation. The booklet contains an introduction on traditional kinship and family systems, unit outline on the concept of the clan, vocabulary, objectives and materials, and five lesson plans.

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    This paper focuses on the design of effective lesson plans using the Internet. Effective lesson design helps students to explore ideas, acquire and synthesize information, and frame and solve problems. The creative problem solving which depends upon context, interrelationships, and real-world activities is available through Internet projects. Based on Thomas Paine's pamphlet "Common Sense," this lesson plan presents activities designed to help students understand that as the American Revolution approached, writers created highly persuasive documents calling for separation from England.

    The main activity in the lesson involves students in writing a persuasive essay. It includes…. This paper discusses the risk communication goals, strategy, planning process and product development for the New Horizons mission, including lessons from the Cassini mission that were applied in that effort, and presents lessons learned from the New Horizons effort that could be applicable to future missions.

    A compilation of more than 50 lesson plans on law related education, these materials were written by middle school and high school teachers from around the United States. Regan, Kelley S. One learning tool that teachers may use to improve their teaching is Lesson Study LS. LS is a collaborative process involving educators, based on concepts of iteration and….

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    For many novice music teachers, creating and implementing effective music lessons can be a tedious process. Moreover, preparing a music lesson is quite different from lesson planning in other areas, creating a disconnect that music educators may feel when trying to make music lessons fit a classroom lesson-plan model. However, most music teachers…. Keep Out - Danger! One of a series of secondary level teaching units presenting case studies with pro and con analysis of particular legal problems, the document presents a student's lesson plan , a teacher's lesson plan , and a lawyer's lesson plan for introducing torts any wrong, other than a breach of contract, resulting in a personal injury or property damage….

    This introductory lesson on teaching economics concepts contains sections on the following: purpose; objectives; time; materials needed; and step-by-step classroom procedures. The focus is on the economic problem of scarcity and opportunity costs. Attached is an original skit, "There's no such thing as a free lunch," and a chart that…. Planning and scheduling lessons learned study, executive summary.

    The study was performed to document the lessons on planning and scheduling activities for a number of missions and institutional facilities in such a way that they can be applied to future missions; to provide recommendations to both projects and Code that will improve the end-to-end planning and scheduling process; and to identify what, if any, mission characteristics might be related to certain lessons learned.

    1. Books by Daniel Robert Sullivan.
    2. The Parents Little Book of Lists: DOs and DONTs of Effective Parenting.
    3. Verklaerte Nacht, Op. 4 - Violin 2.
    4. The results are a series of recommendations of both a managerial and technical nature related to the underlying lessons learned. The duration of each episode, as well as the number of them in a single lesson , may vary. Additionally, the multiple episodes of a lesson may have similar objectives, offer similar…. This document presents eight lesson plans designed to teach self-determination and Arizona academic standards to students with disabilities in grades K The lesson plans include: 1 an oral language lesson plan for students with learning disabilities in grades ; 2 a reading acquisition lesson that teaches color words to students with….

      The art room is the canvas, and all furnishings and objects are the art supplies. All art room surfaces and spaces can be used to communicate an art lesson. Artists in all media plan visually, and art lessons should be planned and preserved as are other works of art. As a young art teacher, the author felt it was important for his students to…. Lesson planning is a documentation process used extensively in education from kindergarten through 12th grade, but rarely in higher education, including undergraduate, prelicensure nursing education.

      Lesson plans help teachers plan what will happen during a class period from moment to moment. Trends in nursing education, such as the incorporation of active learning strategies in the classroom, make lesson plans a timely addition to the nurse educator's toolkit. This article describes the components of a lesson plan and offers an author-developed template for use in nursing education.

      Using the template helps nurse educators map out activities for all class participants, such as students, student pairs and teams, and faculty. The lesson plan enables faculty to plot out the many dynamic components of an active learning class period. It also serves as a road map for subsequent faculty, which is an important feature as the profession faces a wave of retirements in the coming decade.

      Presents a scripted lesson plan for intermediate grades, based on M. Wittrock's model of generative teaching derived from brain lateralization research. Uses a shopping mall as the setting for hypothetical dilemmas. Offers a combination of verbal and imagined strategies that improve students' economic reasoning and teaches cost-benefit analysis. This article examines the ways teachers plan lessons for English as an Additional Language EAL students from refugee backgrounds in secondary school transition programs.

      Based on a study of teachers working with students in three Victorian schools, we identify the key challenges teachers face in planning and the strategies they adopt to confront…. This qualitative case study describes how one beginning primary grade teacher benefited from collaborative lesson-planning meetings with her grade-level colleagues.

      The teacher accumulated knowledge of curriculum, pedagogy, and professional contexts as she participated in planning meetings each week during her first year of teaching. Second Edition. These lesson plans are designed to be used with the textbook of the same title. Each lesson plan is broken into four activity parts. The four parts and their major purposes in the scheme of the lesson are as follows: 1 introductory activity; 2 fitness development activity; 3 lesson focus activities; and 4 game activity.

      The material and…. Field tested in 27 schools and in grades four through twelve, this teaching unit stresses heritage education through the study of southern U. Each of the four lessons in this unit focuses around a slide presentation of 20 slides designed to fit into one…. Jackie Steals Home. In this lesson , students draw on their previous studies of American history and culture as they analyze primary sources from "Jackie Robinson and Other Baseball Highlights, ss" in the American Memory collection.

      A close reading of two documents relating to Jackie Robinson's breaking of the racial barrier in professional baseball…. In this three-part lesson , students examine structure and characterization in the short story and consider the significance of humor through a study of Mark Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County. Chaucer's Wife of Bath [ Lesson Plan ]. This lesson introduces students to one of the most admired characterizations in Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales," the Wife of Bath. Students read Chaucer's description of the Wife in the "General Prologue" to consider how he represents her, both as the poet of "The Canterbury Tales" and as a character in his own poem,….

      This document contains 48 sample lesson plans that practicing teachers of vocational and academic education have developed to train vocational students to think critically and to solve problems. Discussed in the introduction are the following topics: critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making as the building blocks of teaching;….

      Integrating the Core Curriculum through Cooperative Learning. Lesson Plans for Teachers. Cooperative learning strategies are used to facilitate the integration of multicultural and multi-ability level students into California regular education classrooms. This handbook is a sampling of innovative lesson plans using cooperative learning activities developed by teachers to incorporate the core curriculum into their instruction. Seven sample lessons on population and the family appear in this home economics teacher's manual. These activities have been adapted from materials produced in several countries in Asia and Oceania.

      A scope and sequence chart illustrates how teachers can integrate population-related issues into the home economics curriculum. Among the topics…. This booklet contains sample lessons and learning materials from the countries of Asia and Oceania for teaching population education in social studies. Water Foundations Teachers Guide. This document features lesson plans for teachers and students on Florida's water resources.

      The guide is divided into four grade levels: K-2, , , and Each grade level includes objectives, guides, and five lesson plans. Energy Conservation in the Home. Performance Based Lesson Plans. These ten performance-based lesson plans concentrate on tasks related to energy conservation in the home.

      This project provides a comprehensive overview of the research literature on social anxiety disorder SAD in adolescents and concludes by offering a set of 10 group therapy lesson plans for SAD that therapists can use in their practice. The overview includes a description of social anxiety disorder and highlights various theories of anxiety. Grades 1, 2. This curriculum guide provides weekly lesson plans for the physical education of first and second grade students and lists specific activities along with organization and teaching procedures for each.

      Warm-up activities, safety procedures, modifications and athletic equipment are described for each activity. This article argues that the most commonly used lesson plan pro formas in language teacher education are inappropriately premised on an outcomes-based approach to teaching, one that is in conflict with what we know about how languages are learnt and how experienced teachers teach. It proposes an alternative, affordance-based approach to lesson…. With a teacher's busy schedule, it is easy to get stuck in the lesson planning doldrums.

      However, as this is an era when teachers can easily learn from and share with educators all over the world, and are interacting increasingly with connected and tech-savvy students, their interest in all things digital can be leveraged for learning by teachers…. In this paper we reviewed what 49 large urban public school district STEM teachers enrolled in a year-long graduate certificate and fellowship program at a large Midwestern university considered as their amazing teaching moments.

      In smaller…. In this middle school social studies and literature lesson plan , pictures from "America from the Great Depression to World War II" in the American Memory collection provide visual images to introduce and spark curiosity about "Jacob Have I Loved" by Katherine Paterson, a novel about jealousy set on an island in the Chesapeake…. Fables and Trickster Tales around the World. Fables and trickster stories are short narratives that use animal characters with human features to convey folk wisdom and to help people understand human nature and human behavior.

      These stories were originally passed down through oral tradition and were eventually written down. These lesson plans are intended for students in grades and…. Figuring Somepin 'bout the Great Depression. These 10th and 11th grade lessons plans related to the Great Depression and the novel "The Grapes of Wrath" help students to: develop research skills and strategies, such as keyword searches, for finding information; recognize and use the different voices of migrants; and understand the politics of migration and the Great Depression.

      Standard Oil and Big Business. Lesson Plan One. Presents a lesson plan that aims to show students why individuals admire and distrust the great size and power of the firms that dominate the economy. Activities include student research and presentations on conflicts and competition within the oil industry, as well as within Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and other companies. Volume 4. The teaching guide for distributive education, grade levels 11 and 12, was developed by distributive education majors at Delaware State College.

      It contains five lesson plans for each of the instructional areas of: 1 the functions of marketing and distribution, 2 fundamental skills, 3 product or service technology, 4 social skills and…. Based on John Steinbeck's novel "The Grapes of Wrath," this lesson plan presents activities designed to help students understand the universal nature of Steinbeck's characters' struggles and some of the complex forces affecting their lives; and the value of primary source material in presenting an authentic picture of a given period in history.

      This article presents instructors with a myriad of strategies for lesson planning in online courses. There are many inherent differences between the traditional classroom and the virtual classroom. Factors such as student experience with online courses, instructor availability, and the compatibility between instructor teaching style and student…. Universal Design for Learning is a framework for developing inclusive instructional lesson plans. The effects of introducing Universal Design for Learning Principles and Guidelines in a university teacher education program with pre-service and practicing teachers were explored in a mixed methods approach.

      The results indicate that the study…. Teachers take seriously that "teaching is a deeply human enterprise," yet they can be candidates of worry about standards or, perhaps more accurately, standardized tests and where it's taking them in terms of curriculum design. If in their planning they crank out lessons solely focused on goals that young people don't care much about,…. Presents lesson plans designed to enable high school students to recognize ethical issues involving the printed media and to give students practical experience in ethical decision-making using the newspaper as a learning tool.

      Includes 10 ethical issues and related case studies. This collection of lesson plans helps social studies teachers and teacher educators implement the various national and state standards in their classrooms. The collection illustrates how classroom implementation can be achieved through the application of the powerful teaching and learning principles devised by National Council for the Social…. Common Ground: Agriculture for a Sustainable Future.

      This document contains lesson plans for a four-unit course in agriculture for sustainable development and is accompanied by a video tape and a booklet that discusses existing and future agricultural practices. Each unit of the document contains some or all of the following components: an introduction; objectives and competencies addressed; a list…. Training Program for Operation of Emergency Vehicles. Instructor Lesson Plans. Unit lesson plans for the three parts of the Emergency Vehicle EV Operator training program are provided.

      Presents a high school lesson plan to teach students that democratic citizenship is not passive and to prepare them to take part in grassroots education and action. Presents a historical overview of campaign-finance debates and a series of activities that use this material to engage students in their own debates.

      The study aimed at examining the lesson planning practices conducted by English language teachers at the proficiency program of the institution. The participants were a mix of the mentors in charge of each level…. This lesson plan can help teachers and students understand what happened on December 7, , beginning with the first U. Students use primary sources to synthesize information and draw conclusions about the role of the U. Navy in foreign policy and to understand how people in reacted….

      It sets forth three educational goals for students to reach; asks students to examine definitions of human rights…. The Education and Lifestyle of the Chinese Literati. This teaching package describes the education and lifestyle of the Chinese literati, popular from the Ming to the Qing dynasties It consists of four lesson plans and a teacher's guide to a slide set. The latter illustrates painting formats popular during the late Ming period , hanging scrolls, handscrolls, the album leaf,…. This lesson plan highlights one episode in the "Divine Comedy" to provide students with an introduction to Dante's poem.

      Brienne then tells him of her oath to aid his grand-niece Sansa and shows him Sansa's letter. While sympathetic to his grand-niece, the Blackfish is unable to help. Brienne then tells Podrick to get a maester to fetch a raven and send a message to Sansa telling her that she failed to secure help from Brynden.

      Later, Jaime visits the captive Edmure Tully and apologizes for the conduct of the Freys. Edmure is still defiant and insists that his uncle will not surrender Riverrun. Jaime then informs Edmure that he had sired a son with Roslin Frey. If Edmure can convince the Blackfish and the garrison to surrender, he offers to allow Edmure and his family to live in a comfortable exile at Casterly Rock. He also offers to give Edmure's son a proper education and some lands when he comes of age. When Edmure denounces Jaime as an evil man, Jaime responds that he would let the gods decide.

      Edmure then asks Jaime how he sleeps at night after all the bad things he has done. Jaime then recounts his time as a captive of Lady Stark and how she struck him with a stone. Despite her hatred for him, he came to respect Catelyn for her undying love to her children. Jaime compares Catelyn's love for her children to Cersei Lannister 's love for her own. He then reiterates that he loves Cersei so much that he would kill any Tully that stands in his way. Jaime then issues his final ultimatum to Edmure. If the Tullys do not surrender, he will catapult Edmure's son over the wall and kill every Tully who stands between him and Cersei.

      Jaime then leaves to let Edmure make up his mind. Edmure seemingly accepts Jaime's offer and walks back to the castle with a torch. He announces himself as their rightful lord and convinces the guards to lay down the draw bridge despite the protests of his uncle Brynden. The guards obey Edmure because they have sworn an oath of fealty to Hoster Tully and his son. The guards lower the drawbridge and Edmure enters the castle. Back at the Lannister and Frey lines, Lothar Frey criticizes Jaime for losing their most valuable hostage. Once inside, Edmure climbs the ramparts and orders the Tully garrison to lower the drawbridge and to surrender to the Lannisters and Freys.

      Jaime and the Lannister and Frey hosts then march into Riverrun and occupy the castle, draping the Lannister and Frey banners all over the walls. Edmure then orders his men to find and put the Blackfish in chains and hand him over to the Freys. However, the Blackfish has already escaped. At one of the castle's exits, he helps Brienne and Podrick into a boat. Brienne tries to convince Brynden to come along, but he insists on not running away from this fight.

      He tells Brienne to continue serving Sansa and assures her that she will do a better job of it than he has done. As Brienne and Podrick escape, the Blackfish stays behind for a final stand against several Lannister soldiers. On the ramparts, Jaime is informed of the Blackfish's death. He then sees Brienne and Podrick rowing away on their boat. He quietly waves goodbye, to which Brienne waves back. A major point was revealed about the Timeline in this episode: Edmure Tully directly states in dialogue that he has been kept in a cell "for years" - which must mean at least two years have passed since the Red Wedding at the end of Season 3.

      Cersei : "I choose violence. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Guest Starring Richard E. Season 1 :. Season 2 :. Season 3 :. Season 4 :. Season 5 :. Season 6 :. My students usually are good about inferring the meaning of new words by using the pictures or context clues. However, I encourage them to look a new word up in a dictionary and we keep a Native American Vocabulary Dictionary in the front of the room for all to use. As students look up new words they write them down in the Dictionary.

      Students can research a Native American tribe from a different area of the United States. When they have collected enough information about that tribe's lifestyle and culture they can make up their own legend about that tribe. Challenge your students to included as many elements of a legend as they can. You might even use the "Elements of a Legend" worksheet as a pre-writing activity. After days of reading the legends, I have the students gather at the carpet area with their charts. The students are then asked to turn to the person next to them and discuss what they learned about the Plains Native American culture by reading the legends.

      We then have a class discussion. Students are then paired and they compare their lists. Create a List. List Name Save. Rename this List. Rename this list. List Name Delete from selected List. Save to. Save to:. Save Create a List.