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Mother Earth News Archive 1970-2009

We are pleased to reintroduce the multiplatform version of the archive featuring all of Mother 's entire year history. You'll find articles about earth-sheltered homes, cheap solar power, organic gardening techniques, raising chickens, beekeeping, do-it-yourself projects, delicious recipes, and much more. Find almost every story, blog post, tip and technique published in the magazine and online from … more than 22, articles!

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  • Salvaged Pieces of a Werewolf Lost: A Zou Tai, Prince of Werewolf, Novella;

There are dozens of options for viewing, and we have included detailed instructions on the USB Flash Drive for viewing on a computer, electronic reader, smartphone or tablet. Once the desired reading software has been established, the content can be accessed with or without an online connection. Readers who plan to view the archive on their computer without an online connection will need an e-book management application.

Two applications we recommend are Adobe Digital Editions and Calibre. Both of these are free but require an Internet connection to download the application. Once installed, you no longer need an Internet connection.

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In , we introduced an archive of all Mother Earth News ' issues from the s on CD-ROM, presenting a new way of accessing past issues of the magazine in a digital environment. Thousands of readers responded to the notion of being able to sift through our first decade at the click of a mouse, and to the ability to search for what specifically interested them. Following that success, we continued to expand the archive to cover more of the magazine's past issues on disc.

Also available is the Multiplatform Edition, which makes the magazine content available not just on desktop and laptop computers, but also via smartphones and the multitude of portable reading devices that have become so ubiquitous. Now, we are pleased to reintroduce the classic version of the archive, for the first time with enhanced search functionality across Mother 's entire year history. With this version of the archive, you can search for articles about earth-sheltered homes, cheap solar power, organic gardening techniques, raising chickens, beekeeping, do-it-yourself projects and much more.

Mother Earth News has also published hundreds of healthy, down-to-earth recipes, and the archive includes all the delicious directions we've published in the magazine. From strawberry jam and homemade jerky to hummus and morel mushroom quiche, you'll find something to satisfy every appetite.

Find almost every story, tip and technique published in the magazine and online from … more than 21, articles! A few years ago at Wako University, students spent a month attempting to recreate Phase — Mother Earth , but when they removed the mold it turned out that the earth was not of the right consistency and the cylindrical form disintegrated immediately.

Mother Earth naked -- a modern masterpiece

At the Suma Rikyu Park, the earth had the consistency of pit sand, which mixed together with some concrete, made the work hold together. Looking back, Sekine says that the realization of Phase Mother Earth in had a lot to do with unpredictably favourable circumstances, particularly the quality of the earth. They had received no permission from the park authorities as they dug up the ground and were lucky not to have been stopped before they had finished. Sekine suspects that had he applied to make Phase — Mother Earth beforehand, it may well have been turned down for concerns about quality of the earth, the potential risk to underground pipelines, or for health and safety regulations.

I went into winter with six hives. On a warm day in February, I checked and found two hives with activity in them. By spring, I was down to a single hive. Informative, interesting, and entertaining, your magazine should be read by all those who are concerned and care about the environment, their health, and the Earth.

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I grew up on a farm, and I remember that the fried chicken my mother served was crisp and tasty. You can locate local farmers who sell spring chickens….

As the energy the U. And in many cases, landowners have written off the grasses and plants below the panels.