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We are loving our Kindle 2's. Thank you so much for this site, Andry's. It has really helped us learn about our new bibliophile lover's gadget. Courtney, How great that your entire family is using Kindles and sharing the books. Very smart. You must have done a lot of research. Thanks very much for the neat feedback! I did. The Nook was a contender, but the ability to share books registered to the same account and internet access, albeit primitive, were major selling points for me.

We have a Sony Pocket Reader that I bought just to try out, but it doesn't even come close. My youngest will be using it until she is a teen, then I will probably move her to the Kindle. Courtney, Right. Too many don't realize the capabilities and benefits of sharing under a Kindle account for which one person is responsible. No dictionary or highlighting. But small and a good screen. The Kindle is a medium-sized powerhouse though. No need for accessing "experimental" menu and the links are very good. Good job, Courtney, and thanks for the reminder re Archive Org's large collection of free books ready for the Kindle.

Will add that to a couple of sections. I downloaded the mobiweb file before my Kindle 2 arrived, Andrys! I love it. Whoa, you really did research more deeply than most would. Glad you like it! I got my Kindle for Christmas and my husband and I often read the same books. We only have one Kindle, but we read at different times of the day, so it is not a problem for us.

We only have a problem saving our respective places on the book. Is there a way to save two different pages on the kindle? To Nickname unavailable :- , There is only one way I can think of, as the mechanism just saves the very last page that was opened on it. When you finish a reading session, but before you close your book, press the Menu button and choose to "Make a note or highlight" and begin typing to make a note.

You can choose a short word for each of you. Then precede that with something like the letter 'x' or 'q' to make it unique.

How to Set Parental Controls on Your Amazon Fire Tablet | Digital Trends

Example: if your name is 'Ann' you'd choose something like 'xann' or something shorter and if your husband's name is 'Andy' he'd be 'xandy' Close the book. Click on that and you'd be back at the page you were on when you were last reading. In this case, you'd just press the "Del" key to remove the note.

TIP: When the cursor is at the bottom of the screen, use the 5-way button to move down, and the cursor will wind up at the top of the page. Hope that helps! I just found out that the nook can share books with other nooks without being registered to the same account. Why can't or won't kindle do this? Is there a way to share a book with a friend that is not on your account:. Anonymous, The Nook can share a book if the publisher allows that feature. About half of them don't.

Tips for Reading with Kindle on iPad

Not even if your friend didn't get to finish it in those 2 weeks. On the other hand, many who are good friends who trust one another share books on one account with the Kindle and can read the books at one time. They're probably more friends who are like family. If you followed my link in this story you would have gotten other ideas such as the one under "an earlier article" - which takes you to the link I just gave again. It has links to Kindle customer threads that you can read to get ideas what others are doing. We have 9 different devices Kindles, iPhones, iPads that we share on a single kindle account.

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We only download the book that we are reading,so there is usually only copies of the book downloaded from archives at any one time. Does the number of registered devices matter, or the number of copies of any one book downloaded at one time matter? Thanks for the help. Average limit is up to 6 devices at one time. So you're fine with 3 devices holding it at the same time unless the publisher doesn't want even as much as 3, but that's rare. There is one publisher who limits it to 4 devices at one time but I can't remember the name of the publisher.

When you reach a limit, there'll be a message on the Kindle to that effect. I now have 2 kindles in our family, but my wife and I have titles that we do not want to share with the other kindle as it is our children's kindle. Can we prevent it from sharing "specific" books? From what I understand, customer service has helped people deregister their children's Kindles so that they don't see their parents' books. My boyfriend and I have just started sharing a Kindle account. I am finding that not only did my own books continue to download anew, after multiple times deleting them, now HIS books are being loaded onto my Kindle without my ever having requested them.

I delete them, and the next time I enable Wi-Fi, there they are again. It's only a nuisance at 1 or 2 books, but would be unmanageable once his library becomes very large. How do I prevent his books from loading onto my Kindle and vice-versa? That means it's deleted from your Kindle but is available as a download from the server if you need it again free download. But your books seem to be somehow landing on the top Home page, which I've not heard of before. When either of you buys a book, you designate the Kindle device that gets it. It shouldn't arrive on the other device unless the title is clicked on in the "Archived Items" folder an action which causes a separate download to your Kindle.

So try that link and turn off Synchronization and let me know if it worked. Good luck on it. I have a Kindle but solely use Kindle for Mac to read and take notes. I suppose I could register another person's Kindle to my Amazon account, though that would only work for a few people.

My motivation for asking this is that I want to share the notes I take on the business books with all my direct reports. Anonymous, The Public Notes help-page will give you more detail on what is possible and what isn't. You have to turn on Public Notes for a book through our website before anyone else can see your highlights and notes in that book. Only this single highlight or note will be shared with other readers following you.

You have to turn on Public Notes for the entire book to make all your notes and highlights from that book public. So, that's out. As far as sharing an account, the notes taken for a book for each device are in a secondary file on those separate devices. From what I've seen, the individual Annotations webpage is done for the individual's account rather than for the one overall account-owner's since the notes go with the individual device.

That's all done at the bottom. So it's good to ask Amazon's Kindle support. You can go to Kindle Community forums. Sorry I can't give a better answer. I live in Guatemala, and have no wifi for my kindle. I also have Kindle for PC. How can I order a book from Amazon and send to both kindle and pc. I cant seem to find the correct file to copy to the kindle from the PC. Downloads go directly to PC Kindle and I dont know how to move it from there.

Open your Kindle App

Jim, You'd order via the PC with your Internet connection. When you choose where to send it, I think you choose your computer. Then you select to download the new ebook to your computer FOR a specific Kindle that you are asked to choose when downloading a book. You probably have Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac -- you would choose to download another copy no added cost to your Kindle for pc or mac app on your compute. But to get BETTER help with the detail you'll need, you should go to the Kindle forums and any question you ask will have several answers within minutes often, night or day.

I am a member of a bookclub and we'd like to share books. We have a combination of iPads, iPods, and Kindles. Is this possible? We don't share the same internet address. Thank you. Anonymous, If you put all your devices on one account which belongs to a member who will take the responsibility of paying for books ordered by all, and if the number of devices, total, on that account don't exceed what the publisher allows to use a given book at the same time normally up to 6 , then, yes it can be done.

People normally have Kindle for PC or Mac and also their own smart phone devices and other family members' devices on the account already though. Hello, I was wondering if any given Kindle device can be registered to more than one account.

How to export your KINDLE Notes to your computer (print or pdf versions)

For instance, my husband bought a Kindle a year ago and he has his own account. Can he add my kindle device to his and I add his device to my account? We both have already bought books that we don't want to delete, but would like to share books with each other on occasion. Thank you for your help. Krista, Sorry I missed this when it came in. A Kindle device can be registered to only one Account at a given time. However, if you register your Kindle to your husband's account or vice versa, you can both share ALL of the main Account Holder's Kindle books.

And then there is the feature that if a publisher allows one-loan of a book always for only 2 weeks though and then never again , the one whose account is not accessed by the other's Kindle can loan a publisher-permitted Kindle book to the other for two weeks. Does that help? Let me know if it's not clear. My post was NOT very clear. You both seem to want to have individual accounts.

For that reason, neither of you would likely want to have your Kindle ON the other's account rather than on your own although you can both share ALL books if you had only one account, actually. But, with different accounts, you each can loan "loanable" books to the other, with the limitation that if a publisher allows loaning a book to another Kindle too often not the case , it's loanable only for one time to anyone forever and only for 2 weeks. Hope this is clearer. Hi, very helpful site. I want to buy a kindle for my aunt in another state I have to get her the 3g, she has no wifi.

It will be on my account, can i just have the kindle sent to her and have her turn the 3g on and i can then send her all the books in my library or do I need to have it sent to me to download all books from library? In the future when i get books I will be able to have them sent to both kindles right? Anonymous, have your aunt register it as a Kindle on YOUR account or tell customer service to do this, call them at Then she has access to all your Kindle books. They'll show up in her "Archived Items" folder and she would just click on the ones she wants on the device for the moment or whatever.

Yes, in the future they can be sent to both Kindles. Hey, thanks so much for the tip on "sharing". I've had a kindle for quite a while now and just bought one for my mom with the intention of lending my books to her. I didn't realize that such a small selection of books were lendable and was thinking about returning the second kindle.

This works perfect!!! Anonymous, thanks for the feedback. Yah, it's definitely a good feature! I have books on my kindle that I had from a shared account. Now that I have my own account I want to add these books to my account. Can I transfer them from my kindle TO my Amazon account.

Anonymous, when you were on the other account, you were able to share the books that person purchased. Once you're on your own account, your device isn't connected to the other person's account and library anymore, so you lose access to those books, which were for one account, which could share up to 5 or 6 copies of a book with other account members, depending on publisher stipulations If the books are loanable depends on the publisher and most large ones don't allow loans , then the other account owner can loan you one but for no more than 2 weeks total and then the other account owner isn't allowed to ever loan that book again to anyone.

This is by publisher rules. Sorry for bad news. Hope it works out for you otherwise.

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Another thought on sharing highlights and notes This is a wonderful feature if you like to post book reviews! From there you could copy and paste them into something like a Dropbox file or a Google Docs shared file. It would not be automatic, but it would be fairly easy to do. How do i get a book from my friend iphone kindle to my samsung kindle. Anonymoous, there are two ways: 1. A Loan: The owner of the book does the action on it -- in this case, loaning it to you or two weeks max if the publisher allows the Kindle book to be loaned and loaning a Kindle book can be done only once, ever, by the usual publisher rules when loans are allowed.

Your friend would go to Amazon's ManageYourKindle page and go to the Kindle book listing and designate it to be loaned to you. Tapping on the Highlight option will bookmark the text so that you can find it later. Want to listen to audiobooks while you cook, but you're worried about spills? Make this simple cabinet mount to keep your Kindle above the mess.

Taking your Kindle to the beach can be hazardous to its health, with all the sand and water. Slip your reading buddy into a gallon-size zipper storage bag to keep it dry and sand free while you read the latest thriller on your beach blanket. With Paperwhite you can customize the dictionary. Newer Kindles can download apps and games that are compatible with E Ink devices. Simply use the device's browser to go to the Kindle Active Content shop. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. By Alina Bradford. The Amazon Kindle Oasis. Get library books Don't want to trudge to your local library? Share an account Sharing is caring and with Kindle you can share your books with another person through a Family Library account. Share content with kids There's no need to get your kids a separate account for their devices. Or just lend a book You can also just lend one book from your Kindle account for 14 days without sharing accounts. Send documents You can send documents from any of your devices using the Kindle Personal Documents Service.

Convert those documents for Kindle Sending documents to your Kindle is a great feature, but most document text will be too small or too big and hard to read on a Kindle unless you convert it to a Kindle format. Read articles You aren't just limited to books on your Kindle. Play secret games If you have an older Kindle with a physical keyboard there are hidden, free games on the early Kindles. Have a story read to you Want to multitask? Highlight text You can highlight text and share it, or bookmark it for later.

Listen in the kitchen Want to listen to audiobooks while you cook, but you're worried about spills? The Notable Clips feature extracts images and important passages from a book and presents them in a stack of digital cards organized on a timeline. Notable Clips are available only for books in English. Change the display of text : Tap the center of the screen, and then tap the Aa icon. You can change the text size, font, background color, page margins, and line spacing. Any changes you make to text will apply to all your content.

After you select a font, it will become the default for all eligible books, unless the publisher has set a specific font for its book.

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Adjust the screen brightness : By default, Kindle for Android uses your device's current brightness setting. To change the screen brightness manually, tap the center of the screen, select the Aa icon, and then use the slider to increase or decrease the brightness. To let your device control the screen brightness, select Use system brightness. Tip: While reading, you can also slide two fingers vertically up or down to increase or decrease brightness. Was this information helpful?

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