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Katz is an assertive outspoken land developer with ambitious plans to construct a resort next door. Her opposition stems mainly from the fact that the proposed development endangers a colony of black chinned terns and will also lead to not only the inevitable loss of her livelihood but also adverse change in her newly found community.

A resort means the attraction of tourists; crowding the town and attracting more developers who will in the long run ruin the aura of natural ambiance that the town currently presents.

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Natalie holds her stand even as the townspeople support Katz. As if the public display of her unshakable resolve and the tension it wrought is not enough, Natalie finds Katz dead and there is definitely no shortage of witnesses to testify their estranged relationship especially after their fight. The police and the townspeople naturally think she did it. It falls upon none other than Natalie to find out the true killer in an effort to clear her severely tarnished name and try to savage her reputation in order to keep her dream alive. Will the relentless Natalie be able to clear her name and prove her innocence against the impossible odds or is the threat of jail the only possibility?

Can she identify who killed Katz before she or someone else becomes the next victim or will she just be the scapegoat? Was her dream of running her new business in Maine just a futile attempt;a bad joke of fate or will she finally be able to recover from this traumatic escapades? The twists and turns in this mystery keep getting juicier with every page turned as the tempo of the story escalates to mind blowing proportions for that ultimate mystery feel.

Series: Gray Whale Inn Mysteries

Journey on through the pages of this timeless book and discover surprising twists like never before. It seems as though all the developers have set their eyes on the cozy Cranberry Island as the book begins with them returning.

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This time, the beauty under threat is a lovely naturally existing cranberry bog. The plan is for them to set up a luxury sub division that will allow them tap millions in profits. The problem is that Natalie has a myriad of problems on her plate; none of which can be ranked as minor.

To begin with, her relationship with Charlene, her best friend is approaching depressing lows. As if that were not enough, her ex-fiance has appeared out of the blues with a mind boggling yet alluring proposal. Gray Whale Inn, her source of livelihood is not unscathed by all the havoc going around as there have been reports of scary bumps during the nights and rumors that the inn might be haunted. To top it all off, there is murderous killer on the loose threatening the very essence of the peace that reigns in their little island.

Natalie seems to be a magnet for being at the center of calamity and in this second book, there seems to be no way out. With a million and one problems, will this resilient girl fold or push on in an attempt to right all that is wrong? Will Natalie be able to save her best friend and prevent her impending imprisonment? Find out as you turn the pages of this fantastic cozy mystery and make keep yourself entertained.

Karen is definitely a writer worth reading as she puts in the right mix of reality,twists, drama and mystery that makes her cozy fiction some of the best yet. Grab one and follow through with the rest of the captivating Gray Whale Inn Series!

Gray Whale Inn Mystery Series

One thing you can be sure of is that the intensity of the plot keeps escalating with each book while maintaining the same high quality a cozy should possess. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Series description. Benjamin Portlock. Gary Sarkes. Russell Lidell.

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Emmeline Hoyle. Matilda Jenkins. Tiffany Jeans. Eddie O'Leary.

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Patrice Connolly. Marge O'leary. Adam Thrackton. Fernand La Chaise.

A Guide to Cozy Mystery (and Other Favorite) Books, Movies, and TV

Ogden Wilson. Estelle Katz. Bernard Katz. John Quinton. Sergeant Grimes. Richard McLaughlin. Candy Perkins. Polly Sarkes. Charlene Kean. Murray Selfridge. Related book awards Agatha Award Nominee. How do series work?